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We are now adding Intro to Active Isolated Stretching Classes for those who want to comtemplate certification.

These are exerpts from my upcoming Active Isolated Stretching Classes as written by creator Aaron Mattes. These methods are not only good for athletes but also for the everyday person.  It enhances the quality of your life in every activity.

Athletic Performance:

The efficiency, precision, and freedom with which the athlete is able to move will help regulate athletic performance.  Efficiency is dependent upon training and conditioning.  Facilitated stretching allows for more intense treaining.  Restrictions from pain, spasms, and tension inhibit freedom of movement.  Without freedom of movement, precision is adversely affected.  The Mattes Method with Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) reduces many of these restrictions.

Some beneficial effects of the Mattes Method are:

1.  Active Isolated Stretching improves oxygenation and nutrition of myofascial structures promoting growth and repair.

2.  Active Isolated Stretching stimulates the circulation and drainage of lymph, which helps eliminate metabolic wastes.

3.  Active Isolated Stretching improves flexibility and health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

4.  Active Isolated Stretching breaks down the friction and "gluing" among fascial sheathes.

5.  Active Isolated Stretching separates fibrosis and breaks down adhesions that may result from trauma or inflammation.

6.  Active Isolated Stretching realigns collagen fibers.

7.  Active Isolated Stretching reduces muscle spasm.

8.  Active Isolated Stretching reduces the risk  of muscle strain and tear.

Benefits of an Optimal Flexibility Program

1.  Athletes reach peak performance sooner and sustain it longer.

2.  Muscles respond more quickly and powerfully.

3.  Performance is improved with reduced chance of injury.

4.  Muscle stiffness is reduced as excess lactic acid buildup is removed.  Reduction is metabloic wastes allow muscles to rejuvenate quicker after intense workouts or athletic events.

5.  Athletes recuperate more quickly.  Healing of injuries is faster and stronger without the loss of power due to the development of transverse fibrosis.

6.  Reduction in spasms, splinting, and tension as a result of ischemia.

7.  Athletes increase their career span and level of performance.


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